Workshop on best practices (WP2)


Paisaje urbano Ámsterdam

Fecha del evento: 10 y 11 de octubre de 2022

Lugar del evento: Amsterdam, Países Bajos

Formato: Presencial

Organizador: Municipio de Amsterdam

Número de asistentes: 158

The first face-to-face meeting among partners of the RE-ACT project was held on the 10th of October 2022 at Pakhuis de Zwijger. During this meeting, partners shared best practices and reflections from their own territories with the aim to equip stakeholders with new resources and tools to come up with innovative solutions when assisting young people with mental health issues. We all partners were keen for this to be a shared learning event and the table discussions were fundamental to this exchange. The discussions gave attendees the opportunity to raise questions about other programs and gave suggestions about what they would like covered in future learning events, which will help to design our future work packages. The discussions proved invaluable to the RE-ACT project partners in gaining very useful feedback on their own local schemes.

During the evening seminar, several creative initiators pitched their projects to inspire attendees. They reflected on the questions: What are the assumptions when the initiative was created? What do you offer? How do you work together with youth? What can we learn from these times and what can we take from this for future projects and initiatives? It was an inspiring evening for professionals and young people interested in mental health, initiatives and innovation and the consequences of COVID-19. The best practices were divided into three discussion groups:

  1. 1. Regular prevention for mental health in day-to-day life.
  2. 2. Youngsters are interested and want to know more/connect with each other.
  3. 3. Youngsters seeking actively for help for their mental health problems.

Algunas de las buenas prácticas que se presentaron: We Spark the World, Uptalk, Join Us, Transformers Community, Frisse Gedachtes, estudiante funcionario de Ámsterdam y más.

The last event took place on the 11th of November at the OBA Oosterdok, Amsterdam’s Public Library, and focused on learning innovative methods that can be applied when developing new initiatives and projects through design thinking methodology. This last event counted with the visit and encouraging words of support from the Counselor on Women’s Affairs, Youth Affairs and Development Cooperation from the municipality of Murcia: Teresa Franco.

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